The Editor's Cut

Episode 004: Crossing the 49th

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This is the final episode of the  EditCon series and it covers the ups and downs of working in LA. Matt Hannam, CCEStephen Philipson, CCE and Andrew Coutts, CCE share their experiences with Chris Mutton about cutting shows like Star Trek: Discovery, American Gods and The OA as well as indie feature films in the United States.














Andrew Coutts tells us about some of the differences he found working on the LA based series Star Trek: Discovery.














Matt Hannam talks about the difficulties of getting into the American unions and his work on Swiss Army Man.














And Stephen Philipson explains why he chose to make the big move to a highly competitive environment.















A special thanks to Bryan Atkinson and the EditCon panelists.

EditCon Series Produced by Roslyn Kalloo

Hosted by Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by Jane Tattersall

Sound Recording by Craig Scorgie

ADR Recording by Andrea Rusch

Mixed by James Bastable

Featuring Music by Yung Koolade, Album House and Madrid

Sponsor Narration by Paul Winestock

Photos by Dino Harambasic and Victoria McGlynn

Sponsored by the DGC