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Episode 003: Behind the cut with Richard Comeau, CCE

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This is episode three of a four part series covering EditCon and spotlights  Richard Comeau, CCE, the multiple award winning editor of Maelstrom,  Polytechnique, Rebelle, 2 Lovers and a Bear and Eye on Juliet. Richard will talk to director Jim Allodi about the importance of the editor's input at script stage and about the strategies he uses when he realizes there is a better way to tell the story. 













A special thanks to Bryan Atkinson and the EditCon panelists.

EditCon Series Produced by Roslyn Kalloo

Hosted by Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by Jane Tattersall

Sound Recording by Craig Scorgie

ADR Recording by Andrea Rusch

Mixed by James Bastable

Featuring Music by Yung Koolade, Album House and Madrid

Sponsor Narration by Paul Winestock

Photos by Dino Harambasic 

Sponsored by the DGC