The Editor's Cut


Episode 018: Meet the CCE

This episode was generously sponsored by Post City Picture and Sound

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In this episode Sarah Taylor sits down with the founding members of the Canadian Cinema Editors Paul Day, CCE, Roger Mattiussi, CCE and Paul Winestock, CCE as well as the current CCE president and vice president Stephen Philipson, CCE and Jane MacRae.

We discuss where the CCE came from, where we are currently and what we hope for the future of the CCE. 

































A special thanks goes to Alison Dowler,  Jane MacRae and Post City Picture and Sound

Hosted and Produced Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by Jane Tattersall

ADR Recording by Andrea Rusch

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Bao

Original Music by Chad Blain

Sponsor Narration by Paul Winestock

Sponsored by Post City Picture and Sound