Episode 040: Interview with Liza Cardinale, ACE

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Today's episode is an interview with Liza Cardinale, ACE.

Liza Cardinale, ACE is a television editor based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work spans many genres from comedy to fantasy and often features stories with complex female characters. Some of her credits include Outlander, Dead To Me which earned her an Eddie nomination, and the upcoming dramedy On The Verge. We chat about Liza’s editing journey from New York to LA and what life is like during the pandemic. 




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A special thanks goes to Jane MacRea and Jenni McCormick

Hosted, Produced and Edited by Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by Jane Tattersall

ADR Recording by Andrea Rusch

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Bao

Original Music by Chad Blain

Sponsor Narration by Paul Winestock