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Episode 037: Altered Carbon Q&A

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This episode was our first online Master Series event that took place on April 21, 2020. It’s a panel discussion and Q&A with the editors of Netflix’s hit series  Altered Carbon. Geoff Ashenhurst, CCE, Erin Deck CCE, Stephen Philipson CCE, and Jay Prychidny CCE discuss the creative and technical challenges of putting together the second season of one of the biggest VFX-based series Netflix has ever made. This panel was moderated by Sarah Taylor.

If you would like to see the transcript for this episode it's here for downloading.


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A special thanks goes to Jane MacRea

Hosted, Produced and Edited by Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by Jane Tattersall

ADR Recording by Andrea Rusch

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Bao

Original Music by Chad Blain

Sponsor Narration by Paul Winestock