The Editor's Cut

  • Justin Lachance, CCE

    Justin making masks on the May long weekend.

  • Cathy Gulkin, CCE

    Cathy in her home edit suite.

  • Jesse Averna, ACE

    Jesse working from his home suite wearing a constellation t-shirt! 

  • Krystal Moss

    Krystal and her family 

  • Kevin Tent, ACE

    Kevin out for a bike ride in LA.

  • Kevin Tent, ACE

    View from Griffin Park in LA

  • Michele Hozer, CCE

    The view of the lake by Michele's property

  • Michele Hozer, CCE

    The veiw from Michele's edit suite.

  • Jillian Moul, ACE

    The view from Jillian's edit suite.

  • D. Gillian Truster, CCE

    White Rock, BC, two blocks from Gillian's Airbnb.

  • D. Gillian Truster, CCE

    Gillian's Airbnb owner’s husband, a doctor, INSISTED she fly home like this.

  • Sarah Hedar

    English Bay - Sarah's regular walking destination when she gets out of her apartment

  • Paul Hunter and Lesley Mackay Hunter

    Lesley with her assistant editor :)

  • Jane MacRae

    Emmette (dog) in Jane's home office which now has TWO FULL computers: one Mac (Jane's) and the Windows PC provided by the production company she's working with. They are using a distributed mesh network to sync the editorial team’s hard drives over the internet. They have 3 editors and 4 assistants all working from home and everything syncs in seconds. It’s pretty cool.

  • Mike Munn, CCE

    Edit suite cat and mouse

  • Jonathan Dowler

    Jonathan in his home edit suite

  • Ron Sanders, CCE

    Ron with his new beard and guitar

  • Pauline Decroix

    Pauline's home PC edit suite

  • Pauline Decroix

    Pauline's Mac edit suite

  • Paul Winestock, CCE

    Paul's puzzle 'n' game area

  • Scott Parker

    Scott in his home edit suite working on compositing 72 layers for an Equus: In Concert (from home) piece

  • Liza Cardinale, ACE

    Liza's home editing system turned Barbie play land

  • Daria Ellerman, CCE

    Daria on her daily walk

  • Nicole Ratcliffe, CCE

    Nicole's reading and knitting space

  • Sarah Taylor

    Sarah on one of her many dog walks with the puppy named Penny!


Episode 027: Hope in the Time of Corona

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We have been thinking about our fellow editors from around the world in this unique time. In this episode we hear from our past guests and editors down south from ACE about how life is for them. We hope these messages bring you hope in these uncertain times.

Thank you to the editors who contributed to this episode!

Cathy Gulkin, CCE, Kevin Tent, ACE, Nicole Ratcliffe, CCE, Justin Lachance, CCE, Liza Cardinale, ACE, Daria Ellerman, CCE, Zack Arnold, ACE, Stephen Philipson, CCE, Jesse Averna, ACE, Jonathan Dowler, Lesley MacKay Hunter, Paul Hunter, Stephen Rivkin, ACE, Pauline Decroix, Scott Parker, Jane MacRae, Ron Sanders, CCE, Jillian Moul, ACE, D. Gillian Truster, CCE, Paul Winestock, CCE, Sarah Hedar, Mike Munn, CCE, Michèle Hozer, CCE, Paul Day, CCE and Krystal Moss.


If you would like to see the transcript for this episode it's here for downloading.


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A special thanks goes Jane MacRae, Jenni McCormick from ACE, Stephen Philipson, CCE and Heather Urness.

Hosted, Produced and Edited by Sarah Taylor

Episode graphic designed by Jane MacRae

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Bao

Music from Soundstripe