Master Series Halifax

Looking around our site you may have noticed that we don’t exactly fall into the typical look and feel of a production company. (Even our suites, as seen above, don’t fall into that look or feel either!) We like the clean design of many production websites. We like them a lot. But that type of design is not a true reflection of the kind of company we are.

Over the eleven years that we’ve run this company there have been trials and tribulations. But the one that is relentless in the pressure from outside to try and change us into a company we do not want to be. “A company like yours should be like this.” Or “behave like that.” Look the way others do. Act the way others want.

The struggle can be just as internal:  ‘Who are we?”

We are, in fact, an odd collection of diverse experiences and backgrounds. We are warm and human. We are technology and tradition. We are small but we think big.

That’s why the site, particularly the home page, is designed the way it is. We are a cabinet of curiosities. Things that get you where you want to go, but don’t take the same obvious path others have taken.

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