• Nicole Ratcliffe, CCE

    The Bletchley Circle San Francisco

  • Eric Goddard, CCE


  • Rami Katz

    The Issue of Mr. O'Dell

  • Nicole Ratcliffe, CCE

    The Bletchley Circle San Francisco

  • Daria Ellerman, CCE

    Take Two

  • Simone Smith


  • Gordon Rempel, CCE

    The Bletchley Circle

  • Sarah Taylor

    Fast Horse

  • Kimberlee McTaggart, CCE


  • Lisa Robison, CCE


  • Lisa Grootenboer, CCE

    Mary Kills People

    Winner for Best Editing in a MOW/Mini Series, 2018 CCE Awards

  • Kelly Morris, CCE

    Highway Thru Hell

  • Bryan Atkinson

    Closet Monster

  • Andrew Coutts, CCE

    Star Trek Discovery

  • Roslyn Kalloo, CCE

    Mary Kills People

  • Cathy Gulkin, CCE

    In The Name of Your Daughter

  • Paul Day, CCE

    Dark Matter

    Into the Badlands

    Hemlock Grove


  • Patrick Carroll

    Letter From Masanjia

  • Gisela Restrepo


  • Paul Hunter

    The Nut Job 2

    Winner for Best Editing in Animation, 2018 CCE Awards 

  • Pia di Ciaula, CCE

    The Crown

  • Lisa Binkley, CCE


  • D. Gillian Truster, CCE

    Anne with an E

  • Lesley Mackay Hunter

    Total Dramarama

  • Nick Hector, CCE

    Sharkwater: Extinction

  • Sam Thomson

    Corner Gas Animated

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