Q&A with Nina Helene Hirten

How long have you been an editor for?  Editing has always been my favourite part of filmmaking, though I haven't been good at committing myself 100% to it until recently. That said, I have been editing on NLEs for just over 15 years and have always introduced myself as an editor before anything else.


What genres have you worked on? Primarily documentary and music video, though I am currently working in previs which is very similar to animation - except that it's quite a bit more flexible and changes every day as new story points or action is developed.


What has been an interesting/favourite project so far? Honestly the project I'm working on currently is pretty exciting, but Citizen Marc will always have a special place in my heart - it was my first feature, and I still reference many of the lessons which I learned whilst editing it on all my work today. We encountered everything from complex technical workflows and mixed format media timelines, to animation animatics and other unique storytelling/illustrative techniques which were still very much rooted in the basics.


What are you currently working on? A fairly major film which unfortunately I can't tell you anything about!


Why did you decide to become an editor? In my final year at Ryerson it became clear to me that all the storyboards, directing, shooting and producing that I was doing ultimately had the purpose for me to have fun with the editing. It was the part that I looked forward to the most, and the part where I really got to see the fruits of all the work come together. It's where the story takes it final form, and to me the shaping (and sometimes re-shaping) of the story puzzle, and the responsibility that comes with it, is truly the most exciting thing for me to be a part of.