Q&A with Christine Armstrong (Series 1)

How long have you been an editor for? 10 years


What genres have you worked on? Drama, Dramady, Comedy and Horror


What has been an interesting/favourite project so far?  My recent film The New Romantic! it was such an amazing collaborations and really was excited working on the film because of it! 


What are you currently working on? Just finished working on a film starring Jacob Trembley and Jay Baruchel!


Why did you decide to become an editor?  Editing almost found me in a way. I initially focused  my career to become a DOP. What I like about  being a DOP  was that depending how you shot a frame it can convey a different feeling or evoke a different emotion. What drawn me to editing is that I can take all those shots and tell a story, that every frame and every angle I choose can create a different feeling and tell a different story.  It's all about patience and timing :)