Q & A with Luke Sargent

How long have you been an editor for?

I've been editing for ten years, assisting two years before that.

What genres have you worked on?

Documentary, kids, drama, corporate, horror, comedy, musical, indy.

What has been an interesting/favourite project so far?

Every project brings something different, new challenges and ideas. My favourite are projects that have musical elements in the story, so there's an interplay between sound and picture in a really tangible way.

What are you currently working on?

Producing/ directing / editing a documentary about a musician dealing with grief and mental health.

Why did you decide to become an editor?

I started out making videos in high school, and cutting them at a friend's house (he had a nice computer). I could spend hours just pouring over the tiniest details, getting frame-accurate about edits, rhythms, dialogue, music, titles. I'd never been very good at drawing or painting, so when I looked at myself editing - I realized this was my art, something I could get really meticulous about. Film was my passion, and I knew I wouldn't start out directing, so I just got into editing to learn and grow as a filmmaker.