Q & A with Adrian Gonzalez De la Pena

How long have you been an editor for?

7 Years

What genres have you worked on?

Horror, Documentary, Travel and commercials, Corporate, trailers, music videoclips, Weddings

What has been an interesting/favourite project so far?

I would say that between the Music videoclips and the Travel commercials, since its basically a playground where I could try anything and also the people who hired me wanted that too.

What are you currently working on?

An adventure media company´s Show Reel and since they have never had a reel before, it's 4 years of projects they love and it has been exhausting but something cool is coming out of it.

Why did you decide to become an editor?

At the beginning I was chasing the director´s path (I still am) but on the "pay the bills" side, I always edited my own projects and more and more companies or projects where coming my way as an editor, I then realized how editing can help all of my directing and on set skills, so that's how I had Editing as my main job and Directing as my passion.