I Wish I'd Cut - Rob Chandler

Tv Series- “Hannibal” - As well as amazing performances to cut, the creativity shown in that series was phenomenal. The editing and sound design in particular was another level, fresh, disturbing, challenging and inspirational. I try very well to hide my green eyed envy with a smile when I speak to the generous Michael Doherty and Stephen Philipson who worked on it.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is continuing that trend and excites me it’s also shot and post-produced in Canada.

To be in Editor Ray Lovejoy’s shoes working with two of cinema’s most demanding directors, Kubrick and Cameron. Having edited “2001”, “Aliens” and also “The Shining”, the latter is an all time favourite, the terrifying trills in the soundtrack, the overall dread created in that film is palpable and definitely the work of a genius director AND the editor.