How I Got Into This Biz - Nina Helene Hirten - LA

I always knew I wanted to go into movies. As a child, I wanted to be an animator for Disney, and after doing a few animations (two of which subsequently got into local film festivals) as a teenager I was absolutely sold! Around that same time however, 2D animation was on a steep decline and quite frankly I was getting a little jaded by the tediousness of it (talk about an undervalued profession), so I decided to learn more about the live action side of cinema. Thankfully my high school had a progressive media program that I was emphatically a part of, which encouraged documentary making as a tie in to the English and History classes. That's where I really started getting into editing and filmmaking in general.

Professionally, I really got to sink my teeth into the indie industry once I graduated from Ryerson and moved to Vancouver, as I landed an internship with Relevision Productions. I definitely made an impression on them, because it turned into my first feature editing gig!