Fundamentals of Freelancing Event - March 7th

On Saturday March 7th, 2020 the CCE held the Fundamentals of Freelancing Event.  The day started out with a presentation on taxes with Sunny Widerman.  She delivered a well informed presentation and had the crowd engaged with her knowledge and humor (who knew taxes could be fun!)

The second part of the event were Round Table discussions.  Our guests got to participate in 5 different discussion topics.  Again, our round table hosts were well informed, engaging and happy to answer all the questions (so much so, that it made it hard to get groups to move on to the next table as everyone were deep in conversation.)  Thank you to our round table hosts Ricado Acosta, CCE (Deals in Factual), Erin Deck, CCE (Navigating Genre), Michelle Szemberg (Work/Life Balance), Dev Singh (Career Strategy) and Sunny Widerman (Taxes)

We would also like to thank eOne for hosting our event.