CCE LA Edit Fest Raffle

The CCE and DGC Ontario and excited to announce that the LA EditFest Raffle is back for a 2nd year.


The DGC Ontario will be holding 1 raffle at the 2017 CCE Awards.  Any DGC nominated editor at the awards will receive 1 raffle per nomination to go in the draw.


The CCE will also be holding 1 raffle (so that's 2 raffles in 1 night!)

In honour of the nominees' achievements, the CCE is giving each nominee one free ticket to the raffle (two if they are a CCE Member!).

The CCE raffle is open to everyone - members and non-members, across the country. Prices for members are $10 per ticket or 6 for $50, and for non-members prices are $20 per ticket and 3 for $50.  


Raffle tickers are on sale now online until Wednesday May 31st.  (Raffle tickets will be available for purchase on the Awards night but will all be $20 (no CCE discount on the night)


Buy Your Raffle Tickets


Each Raffle is valued at over $3000 and includes:  Flights, transfers, accommodation, entry to LA EditFest and a per dium.


Jonathan Eagan won the DGC Ontario raffle last year, read about his experience at Editfest here

Alex Das won the CCE raffle last year, read about his experience at Editfest here


Once again many thank the DGC Ontario for their continued support!


**We ask that each winner submit a short article about their experience at EditFest by September 30th, 2017