9th Annual CCE Award Nominations

Congratulations to our nominees for the 2019 Awards!.  See you on May 30th, 2019 for our 9th Annual Awards!


Best Editing in Animation

Annellie Samuel - Magic School Bus, rides again: I Spy with my Animal Eyes

Hart Snider - Shop Class

Stephanie Duncan, Jason Cohen & Lee Maund - Hotel Transylvania: Fangceanera

Tom Berger - Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups

Tom Berger - Space Between Stars


Best Editing in Documentary- Short Form

Colin Waugh - Ha Ling Peak

Giorgio Saturnino & Louis Saturnino - CBC Olympic Journey : Virtue & Moir, Roxanne

Greg Ng - Finding Big Country

James Blokland - Year of the Gun

Michèle Hozer, CCE - In Search of a Perfect World


Best Editing in Feature Documentary

Annie Jean - Ziva Postec, la monteuse derriere le film Shoah

Eugene Weis - Metamorphosis

Hart Snider & Maxine Shewan - Botero

Nick Hector, CCE - Sharkwater Extinction

Patrick Carroll - Letter From Masanjia


Best Editing in Feature Film

Dev Singh - Ghostland

Greg Ng - At First Light

Lara Johnston - Mouthpiece

Sabrina Pitre - Freaks

Simone Smith - Firecrackers


Best Editing in TV Drama

D. Gillian Truster, CCE - Anne with an E: I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion

Justin Lachance, Véronique Barbe, Dominique Champagne, Maxime Lahaie, Émile Vallée, Jai M. Vee - Sharp Objects: Milk

Pia Di Ciaula, CCE - The Crown: Episode Nine - Paterfamilias

Stephen Philipson, CCE - Anne with an E: Youth is the Season of Hope

Wendy Hallam Martin, CCE - The Handmaid's Tale: Episode 201 June


Best Editing in Docu-series/Factual

Cameron Nixdorf & Gordon Thorne, CCE - Vacations Of The Brave: Mandy & Joe

Clark Masters & David Mitchell - Mister Tachyon: Can Mother Nature Heal Us?

Danny Palmer - Steel Town Down

Ian Sit - In the Making: Lido Pimienta

Steve Taylor - Hip-Hop Evolution: The Southern Way


Best Editing in MOW/Mini-Series

Eric Goddard, CCE - The Truth About Christmas

Lisa Grootenboer, CCE - Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey

Luis Lam - Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery

James Patrick - Caught

Pia Di Ciaula, CCE - A Very English Scandal


Best Editing in Reality/Competition/Lifestyle

Andrew Gurney, Al Manson, Jonathan Dowler, Clare Elson, Seth Poulin & Jordan Wood - Top Chef Canada: Finale Four Ways

Jonathan Dowler, Ryan Monteith, Owin Lambeck, Jordan Wood, Michael Tersigni, CCE & Craig Anderson - The Amazing Race: The Battle of the Two Courtney's

Jorge Parra - Still Standing Season 4: Huntingdon

Michael Tersigni, CCE, Mike Scott, Elianna Voskakis & Ryan Monteith - Top Chef Canada: Que Rico

Mike Scott, Michael Tersigni, CCE, Elianna Voskakis & Ryan Monteith - Top Chef Canada: Wine of the Tiger


Best Editing in Short Film

Holly Pavlik - Camping Trip

Isabelle Malenfant, CCE - The Lure Of The Deep (Une jeune fille et la mer)

Rachel Guergis - Small Fish

Teresa Hannigan, CCE - I Beat Up My Rapist

Thom Smalley - Likeness


Best Editing in Web Based Series

Ashley Brook, Kyle Cucco & Josef Beeby - Canadiana: The Love Triangle That Brought Down Quebec

Christine Armstrong - Kristal Clear 107: Only with Heart

Graham Withers - True North: Cordel 1 - Trust The Process

Lindsay Allikas - Rambling: Eileen Myles

Shelley Therrien - Ghost BFF


Best Editing in TV Comedy

Dev Singh - Little Dog: Ep 107

John Nicholls - Little Dog: Ep 102

Kye Meechan - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Two Broken Fingers

Matthieu Bouchard & Dominic Montplaisir - Leo: Episode 1

Matthieu Bouchard & Oliver Binette - Like-Moi: Ep 24


Best Editing in Family: MOW, Live Action

Courtney Goldman - Odd Squad: World Turned Odd (1 hour special)

James Hebbard - The Big Fun Crafty Show: EP 101 - Robot

Lisa Robison, CCE - Zombies

Meagan Oravec - Scout and the Gumboot Kids: The Case of the Cracking Sky

Nicholas Wong - Holly Hobbie: EPS104 The Pickle Princess



**If there are any spelling mistakes of names/shows, please email so that we have the correct information on file.


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