2017 CCE Awards - Nominees

Congratulations to all our nominees for the 2017 Awards.


Best Editing in Animation

Allan Cordero & Mike Goodings - Freaktown: Conquer with Kindness

Kurt Skyers & Paul Gitlin - Dot: Remembering Ogopogo/Scaremaster 2.0

Marc Brenzil - Fangbone: The Pitch of Black/Keepers of Toe

Paul Hunter & Aaron Woodley - Spark

Tom Berger - Paw Patrol: Pups Save a Robosaurus


Best Editing in Documentary- Short Form

Brenda Terning - Vital Bonds

Brenda Terning - The Nature of Things: Wolverine Ghost of the Northern Forest

Geoff Klein - Interrupt This Program 2: Lagos

Greg West, CCE - Building Star Trek

Jason Schneider - Facing: Facing Escobar


Best Editing in Feature Documentary

Andres Landau & Ryan J. Noth - The Stairs

Bill Towgood - Black Watch Snipers

Jim Munro & James Yates - All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

Nick Hector, CCE - How to Prepare for Prison

Tony Kent - Spirit Unforgettable


Best Editing in Feature Film

Duff Smith - Weirdos

Greg Ng - Come and Find Me

Jane MacRae & Tyler Nelson - Rememory

Kye Meechan - ARQ

Mark Arcieri - Awakening The Zodiac


Best Editing in ½ Hour Scripted

Dev Singh - People of Earth: Significant Other

Jonathan Eagan - Workin’ Moms: Bare

Kye Meechan - Kim’s Convenience: Gay Discount

Lindsay Allikas - Michael: Every Day: Making a Friend

Sabrina Pitre - MECH-X4: Let’s Dig Deep


Best Editing in Lifestyle/Docudrama

Jorge Parra - Still Standing: Maple Creek

Ken Yan - Dead Set On Life: North of Saskatoon

Kristi Macaulay - Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan: The Philippines

Robert Kew - Still Standing: Inuvik

Sarah Taylor - UpRooted: The Oyster Harvest


Best Editing in MOW/Mini-Series

Aren Hansen - Bruno & Boots: This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall

Duncan Christie - The Swap

Lisa Grootenboer, CCE - Mary Kills People: Bloody Mary

Roslyn Kalloo: Mary Kills People: The River Styx

Teresa De Luca, CCE  - Cardinal: Part 1


Best Editing in 1 Hour Scripted

Aaron Marshall - Penny Dreadful: A Blade of Grass

Aaron Marshall - Vikings: All His Angels

Allan Lee, CCE - Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Horizons

Carina Baccanale - L’imposteur: Episode 10

Jay Prychidny, CCE - Orphan Black: The Scandal of Altruism


Best Editing in Reality/Competition

Allan Hughes, Miles Davern, Dave McMahon Kyle Martin, Colin Kelday, Jordan Wood, Jared Bryer - Masterchef Canada: Finale

Jonathan Dowler, Al Manson, Jordan Wood Ryan Monteith, Baun Mah & Dave McMahon - Big Brother Canada: Finale

Jonathan Dowler, Michael Tersigni, Al Manson Dave McMahon, Ryan Monteith & Cynthia Flengeris - The Amazing Race Canada: Second Place Isn’t Good Enough

Michael Tersigni, Ben O’Neil, Jonathan Dowler, Burak Ozgan & Allan Hughes- The Amazing Race Canada: Who’s Ready to Let it All Hang Out?

Wesley Finucan - Chopped Canada: Judge or be Judged


Best Editing in Short Film

Ashley Lynch - Summoned

Jamie Alain, CCE - FTL

Jane MacRae - Thresher

Michael Pierro - Imposter

Paul Skinner - Married to Giants: 5 Shorts


Best Editing in Web Based Series

Sam Thomson & Jay Wolting - Save Me: HBD 103

Jonathan Eagan - Cold: 110

Maureen Grant - That’s My DJ: 207

Matt Lyon - The Leaf: Blueprint Bouncing Back

Marianna Khoury - True Dating Stories: Jordan Part 2

*If you notice any spelling mistakes, please let us know so that we can correct for our program and trophies - thank you