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Benefits of Membership

  • Member profile page in our directory
  • Promotion of members and their films/events on our website and social media platforms
  • Access to job postings, special events and invitations in our Members Only Area.
  • Perkopolis retail/hotel/travel/theatre discounts across the country
  • MAP retail/travel benefits across the country
  • Discounted tickets to the annual C.C.E. Awards
  • Discounts for registration to our highly acclaimed workshops in Toronto and Vancouver
  • Discounts to events throughout the year, such as screenings with top talent answering questions (Vancouver and Toronto)
  • Free food and/or drink at our pub nights!
  • Members only (and free!) Salon discussions/master classes with leading editors, directors, producers(starting April 2014), providing access to some of the best talent in Toronto
  • A.C.E. has generously offered our members $100 off registration to EditFest in L.A. (and elsewhere)

We do our best so that by the end of each year, the annual dues are offset by our discounted events. We have the lowest annual dues of almost any industry professional association!

The C.C.E. is benefitting the member in a less ‘visible’ way too. The association was formed in order to promote the art of editing and bring it greater attention. As one of the busiest non-union craft associations in the country, we are succeeding in getting our message to the industry-at- large that Post Production requires their attention. We need members in order to support this effort. We all stand to benefit from a greater respect and understanding of Post.

The C.C.E. is constantly working to provide more benefits to our members. More items will be announced as they come.

Associate Member

Annual Dues: $100.00 (New price of $125.00 takes effect June 01, 2015)

Associate membership is open to Editors, Assistants, Post Supervisors and others who share a passion for the craft. Use of the initials C.C.E. is not allowed for Associate Members.

Associate Membership – apply online (below)

Student Member

Annual Dues: $30.00

Student Membership is for students who are able to provide documentation showing enrollment for 2014-2015 in a full time media-directed program. Student members are entitled to the same member discounts on CCE Workshops and Events etc.

Full Member

Annual Dues: $150.00 (Do Not Apply Online) (New price of $200.00 takes effect June 01, 2015)

Nominations for Full Memberships are put forth by current Full Members in March of each year. Acceptance as Full Member allows use of the initials C.C.E. in screen credits denoting a professional excellence.