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Announcing the winners of the 4th Annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards:


  • Matthew Hannam – “Enemy”


  • Gareth C. Scales, C.C.E. – “What Remains”


  • Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. – “Orphan Black, Episode 103”


  • Jay Prychidny – “The Next Step, Ep 30 Winner Takes All”


  • Mark Ratzlaff – “Blood Relative”


  • Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – “Jonathan Toews, Every Picture Tells A Story”


  • Paul Hunter – “The Nut Job”


  • Erin Deck – “Sunday Punch”


  • Michael Doherty, C.C.E. – “Darknet, Episode 101”


  •  Debra Karen


  • Walter Woodman, Ryerson University – “Noah”
  • Ray Savaya, Sheridan College – “Walk the Moon”
  • Mark Fifield, Humber College – “Rosbilt”
  • Daniel Haack, Ryerson University – “Bridges”
  • Angelica Falco, Sheridan College – “Anatomy of a Sunbeam”


Congratulations to all the editors nominated!

The 4th Annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards 2014 were held at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto on June 5th 2014.


Nominees for the 2014 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

  • Jorge Weisz – “Empire of Dirt”
  • Matthew Hannam – “Enemy”
  • Jeanne Slater – “Evangeline”
  • Aaron Marshall – “The Colony”
  • Duff Smith – “The Husband”

  •  Jamie Alain – “Flowers in the Attic”
  • Gordon Rempel, C.C.E. – “Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story”
  • Jamie Alain – “Delete, Night 1”
  • Gareth C. Scales, C.C.E. – “What Remains”
  • Ellen Fine – “Bunks”

  • Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. – “Orphan Black, Episode 103”
  • Teresa De Luca, C.C.E. – “19-2, Deer”
  • D. Gillian Truster – “Orphan Black, Unconscious Selection”
  • Mike Lee, C.C.E. – “Copper, Ep 205 A Morning Song”
  • Jamie Alain – “Continuum, Second Guess”

  • Gordon Thorne, C.C.E. – “Degrassi, Ep 1337 Believe Pt 1”
  • Jason Irvine – “Degrassi, Ep 1240 The Time of My Life Pt 2”
  • Craig Webster, C.C.E. – “Satisfaction, Ep 106 First Contact”
  • Duncan Christie – “Satisfaction, Ep 107 Janet”
  • Jay Prychidny – “The Next Step, Ep 30 Winner Takes All”

  • Roland Schlimme, Roderick Deogrades – “The Ghosts in Our Machine”
  • Mark Ratzlaff – “Blood Relative”
  • Anne Feldman, Jamie Cussen – “Amin Amir”
  • David Kazala – “Derby Crazy Love”
  • Jonathan Mathew, Nick Zacharkiw – “Unclaimed”

  • Jay Tipping – “Chopped Canada, The Proof is in the Pudding”
  • Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – “Offbeat Roads Danakil Diaries, Ep 1 Is It Over Yet?”
  • Guy Georgeson, Mark Westberg – “Income Property, Ep 7105 Nicole & Michelle”
  • Katie Chipperfield, Neil Sitka – “Close Encounters, Ep 108 Nuclear Reaction”
  • Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – “Jonathan Toews, Every Picture Tells A Story”

  • Jason Cohen, Simon Box – “Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion, Brainlius 3,4,5 / Diary Drama”
  • Pete Watson, Melanie MacDonald, Jon Hutton – “Napkin Man, Ep 108 Just Me in the Tree / Try-share-a-tops”
  • Paul Hunter – “The Nut Job”
  • Dan Lee, Jamie Ebata – “The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Episode 13″
  • Kurt Skyers, John Logan – “Sidekick, Episode 48″

  • Bryan Atkinson – “Hole”
  • Paul Day, C.C.E. – “Method”
  • Erin Deck – “Sunday Punch”
  • Kirby Jinnah – “Shamed”
  • Richard Mandin – “The Archivist”

  • Michael Doherty, C.C.E. – “Darknet, Episode 101”
  • Jason Leaver – “Out With Dad, Dining In & Out”
  • Mike Donis – “Pete Winning and the Pirates, The Pursuit of the Pathfinder”
  • Ian Macleod – “Polaris, Episode 2″
  • Jon Anctil – “World War Geek, Ep 108 It’s All Fun and Games Part 2″

  • Walter Woodman, Ryerson University – “Noah”
  • Ray Savaya, Sheridan College – “Walk the Moon”
  • Mark Fifield, Humber College – “Rosbilt”
  • Daniel Haack, Ryerson University – “Bridges”
  • Angelica Falco, Sheridan College – “Anatomy of a Sunbeam”


The Entrant must submit to the C.C.E. National Office, by February 24th, 2014 the completed C.C.E. Awards Entry Form in accordance with the following specifications:

  1. Post -Production work must have occurred during Jan 1, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014.
  2. Only productions/episodes that have not been submitted for consideration by the Awards Committee in previous years are eligible.
  3. All entrants must have received an on-screen credit in the category in which he or she is entered. Multiple editors are permitted for a single entry.
  4. Series entrants may only submit one episode per editor. The C.C.E. Awards Committee will randomly choose one episode if multiple episodes are submitted.
  5. Entries must be submitted in only one category. If an entry is made in multiple categories, the C.C.E. Awards Committee will select in which category it will be submitted based on content.
  6. Entries must conform to the standards below:
  • Please include your name and the name of the production in the file name. Example: your_name_production_name_video_title.mp4
  • While virtually any video you upload can be played back on our review system, following some simple guidelines will help you strike a good balance between quality and upload times.
  • Resolution should be set to 1280 x 720 pixels. Higher resolution files will be converted to this, while other aspect ratios and lower resolution files will appear letter boxed.  For video, selecting the H.264 codec with the High Profile will produce the best results. We suggest using a variable bit rate with a target of 5,000 Kbps. For audio we recommend the AAC codec at 384 Kbps and a 48 Khz sample rate. Files should be in a Quicktime (.MOV) or .MP4 container format. Your favorite video encoding software probably has a 720p web preset which will work fine.  
  • Please note that it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure the file is technically sound.
  • IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES UPLOADING YOUR VIDEO: please submit the form and a technician will be in touch with you to troubleshoot and make arrangements to upload the video as applicable

  • Best Editing in feature length (over 75 minutes) Dramatic including direct to DVD
  • Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series
  • Best Editing in Long Form Television Series – (1 hour drama, comedy, family program)
  • Best Editing in 1/2 hour Broadcast Short Form (under 30 min.)
  • Best Editing in Documentary
  • Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality/Factual
  • Best Editing in Animation
  • Best Editing in Short film
  • Best Editing in Any Live Action Web Series (Comedy or Drama)
  • Special Award for Recognition of Exemplary Support of the C.C.E.
  • Student Merit Award (application & guidelines at end of this document)

  1. The Entrant warrants that the production is eligible in accordance with the C.C.E. Awards Rules, as contained herein. In any case in which the C.C.E. determines that the information required to be provided by the Entrant is inaccurate or incomplete, and the production is therefore incorrectly entered, the C.C.E. reserves the right to declare the production ineligible to be submitted for nominations for any C.C.E. Award.
  2. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that the C.C.E. may, in its sole discretion, determine that no Awards be given in any category in which the productions entered do not met C.C.E. standards.
  3. The Entrant agrees that the C.C.E. Awards Committee, subject to the approval of the National Executive Board, will rule on any dispute in matters relating to the entry, eligibility, nominations, appeals and/or election of any production for an Award. The Entrant acknowledges that the C.C.E. National Executive Board’s decision shall be final.
  4. The Entrant acknowledges that the C.C.E. Awards Committee reserves the right to amend or modify the rules contained herein at their discretion, subject to the approval of the National Executive Board, or at the sole discretion of the National Executive Board.
  5. The Entrant and all individuals submitted for consideration herein release the C.C.E. and its officers, directors, Awards Committee members and Awards Jury members, employees, representatives and agents from all liability for any reason whatsoever (including, without limitation, for any incidental and consequential damages) in respect of the Entry and its consideration for any Award, including, without limitation, for any negligence or omission in the processing of the Entry or in its consideration for an Award, however caused.


Please ensure you are using the updated link:  If it still doesn’t work, complete and send just the entry form and we will make arrangements with you to upload the video.
A film 75 minutes or longer is considered a feature.
Yes, if editing was completed within the period of eligibility (Jan 1 2013 – January 31, 2014) and it was not submitted previous year(s) it is eligible.
Yes, it is eligible as a production that will be broadcast in Canada and one with a Canadian editor.
There is no entry fee.


If you have questions about the 2014 C.C.E. Awards, please contact:

 Canada Cinema Editors
 Awards Committee co­chair Jason Irvine
Awards Committee cochair Paul Whitehead

Submissions / Uploads

2014 C.C.E. Awards Submission Form Online Form

2014 CCE Awards Student Submission Form Online Form

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