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Who We Are

The Canadian Cinema Editors is a professional, educational and cultural association dedicated to the following:

    • Support the pursuit of excellence in the profession, and the enhancement of motion picture values through the pursuit of artistic and technological pre-eminence


    • Promote the education of peers, producers and students in the art and science of editing


    • Bring together editors who share a common desire to advance the dignity and prestige of the profession


  • Achieve recognition for, and elevation of, editors as authoritative storytellers after Principal Photography

Mission Statement

The C.C.E. is a non-profit organization with the goal of bettering the art and science of picture editing in all media. Through a better understanding of each other, and teaching others in our industry we hope to advance the profile of professional film editors. Our aim is to spark passion in us all and bring recognition to those who create the last draft of the script by weaving a mosaic of picture and sound in the cutting rooms across Canada.

We hope you’ll have questions, and when you do, please contact us:


Board of Directors

Paul Winestock, C.C.E. (Toronto)


Paul Winestock has worked in post production for 24 years.  He has edited award winning television dramas including “The Border” ,”Cracked” and “King”, comedies such as “Less Than Kind” and “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, and documentary/factual including “Undercover Boss Canada” and “Toxic Trespass”. As co-founder and co-president of the C.C.E., Paul has aimed to improve the profile and respect for the art of editing across Canada.  He hopes that everyone in editing, and peers in the industry, join in celebrating this amazing art. Email: pwinestock@cceditors.ca

Paul Day, C.C.E. (Toronto)


For 21 years Paul has worked for such notable companies as Paramount, Showtime, USA Network, ABC, TMN, Disney, Netflix, MGM, CBC, Global Television, SyFy, Gaumont Television, NBC, Showcase and Sony Pictures. He has collaborated with over 60 directors on multiple networks series accumulating over 130 hours of dramatic broadcast programming.Recent editing credits include Hemlock Grove, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl, Dead Like Me, Odyssey 5, This is Wonderland, and The 4400. Paul is one of the founders of the Canadian Cinema Editors and continues to endlessly pursue improving the profile of editors and elevating the importance of their craft. Email: pday@cceditors.ca

Nina Hirten (Vancouver)

Web/Marketing Advisor

Nina was born in NY and grew up in San Francisco with an opera singer, a pipe organist, and 5 pianos. She moved to Toronto in 2005, got her BFA in Film Production (Hons) at Ryerson University. She currently lives in Vancouver where she edits, directs, and produces music and film through her company Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions. Email: nhirten@cceditors.ca Website: http://ojpstudios.com

Kelly Morris (Vancouver)


Kelly Morris is best known for his work as a Documentary Editor.  His credits include CBC's the fifth estate and The Nature of Things, NatGeo's Wild and Crisis Zone,  BBC's the Natural World, tenure with the CBC Documentary Unit, and lead series editor for Discovery's Jetstream and Saw Dogs. Email: kmorris@cceditors.ca Website: www.waterfrontfilms.ca

Jason Hujber (Vancouver)

Membership Registrar

You've probably already guessed that Jason is an award winning editor/writer with over 15 years of experience, but did you know he's also incredibly good looking?

It's a fact!

Email: jhujber@cceditors.ca

Website: www.canadianeditor.com

Gordon Burkell (Toronto)

Educational Advisor

Gordon Burkell is an editor with 15 years of experience in Documentaries and television commercials. He is the founder of the internationally recognized Aotg.com, a site with the goal of sharing and organizing information for film editors.

The site includes Aotg.tv, The Cutting Room Podcast and mobile apps for film editors. Gordon currently hosts panels, events and lectures at Ryerson University.

Email: gburkell@cceditors.ca

Website: www.aotg.com

Dale Gagne (Toronto)


Dale Gagne has worked in the film and television industry since 1995. He has worked on projects encompassing many different facets of the post production world which include commercials, television series, feature film, animated feature film, animated series, and Visual effects. Dale has held various positions including 1st Assistant Picture Editor, Picture Editor, Visual Effects Producer to note a few.

Notable projects that he has been a part of are Robocop, Splice, Walt Disney's The Wild, and Warner Bros., The Ant Bully.  Currently Dale works as a 1st Assistant Picture Editor in Dramatic Television Series and Feature Film in the Toronto area.

Email: dalegagne@cceditors.ca

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/invisibleedit/